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7 BBNaija housemates that have received car gifts after show

    ODION OKONOFUA May 17, 2022 11:06 AM

    These die-hard fans have done some of the most unimaginable things to spoil their faves. [Instagram/TheDorathyBachor] [Instagram/SymplyTacha] [Instagram/NeoAkpofure]

    These die-hard fans have done some of the most unimaginable things to spoil their faves. [Instagram/TheDorathyBachor] [Instagram/SymplyTacha] [Instagram/NeoAkpofure]

    For every housemate who has taken part in that show, one thing is for sure – a die-hard fan base that can go the extra mile for them.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

    These die-hard fans have done some of the most unimaginable things to spoil their faves.

    From pretty expensive gifts to cult-like followership on social media, it is almost impossible not to fancy the idea of taking part in the reality TV show.

    On our listicle today, we will be looking at seven housemates who were gifted with cars by their fans after their appearance in the show.

    1 Bam BamBam Bam [BammyBestowed]Bam Bam [BammyBestowed]

    Bam Bam wasn’t exactly the biggest star to come out from the third season of the reality TV show, but her fans were solid. They kept her in the house for a long period.

    She joined the first set of reality TV stars who received expensive gifts from their fans. She was gifted with a Honda Crosstour on her birthday back in 2019.

    2 TachaReality TV star Tacha [Instagram/SymplyTacha]Reality TV star Tacha [Instagram/SymplyTacha]

    One of the most controversial housemates to have ever graced Big Brother Naija is Tacha. Her stay in the house was not only interesting and entertaining but marred by drama. While many thought it was bad for her brand, it won her so many fans.

    On her birthday back in 2019, she was gifted a Mercedes Benz by her fans. The following year, they spoiled her with a van for her delivery business. Tacha has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of a loyal fan base.

    3 DorathyReality TV star Dorathy Bachor [Instagram/DorathyBachor]Reality TV star Dorathy Bachor [Instagram/DorathyBachor]

    Every season of Big Brother Naija has had that one housemate everyone just loves for no reason. Dorathy was that housemate in the fifth season of the reality show.

    She was loved in the house and more outside the house. It didn’t come as a surprise when her fans gifted her a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 gift on her birthday.

    4 LayconNigerian reality TV star Laycon [Instagram/ItsLaycon]Nigerian reality TV star Laycon [Instagram/ItsLaycon]

    Laycon was already a fave by the second week in the fifth season of the reality TV show. He already had a song that was doing well before coming on the show. That won him many fans over.https://d8d2fae6dfd023364df36e306f5a9123.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

    It wasn’t a surprise when he became the season’s winner. On his 27th birthday, his fans surprised him with a very expensive Mercedes Benz car.

    5 SaskayBBNaija season six housemate Saskay [Instagram/officialsaskay]BBNaija season six housemate Saskay [Instagram/officialsaskay]https://d8d2fae6dfd023364df36e306f5a9123.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

    Saskay’s stay in Big Brother’s house during the sixth season was filled with many interesting moments. She was caught in a triangle with two other housemates. It was interesting to watch the reserved lady make the men go crazy over her.

    While she was being Saskay in the house, her fan base grew sporadically. On her 22nd birthday, her fans spoiled her with a Mercedes Benz car gift and other mouth-watering gifts.

    6 LiquoroseReality TV star Liqurose [Instagram/Liquorose]Reality TV star Liqurose [Instagram/Liquorose]

    Another reality TV star that has won the heart of millions of viewers of the reality TV show is Liquorose. The professional dancer turned reality TV star stole the hearts of many during her time in the sixth season of the reality TV show.

    Little wonder on her 27th birthday she was treated to some of the most beautiful gifts from her die-hard fans. Liquorose was gifted a Mercedes Benz car by her fans.

    7 NeoReality TV sta Neo Akpofure [Instagram/NeoAkpofure]Reality TV sta Neo Akpofure [Instagram/NeoAkpofure]

    Unarguably one of the most intriguing characters to have graced the reality TV show since its inception. Neo Akpofure was the content his fans signed up for on the show.

    To appreciate him, they rewarded the reality TV star with a Mercedes Benz car on his birthday. That wasn’t all as they splashed an extra N2M cash on the former cab driver.

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