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Ahead of Primaries, Politicians Buy up Abuja Filling Stations’ Fuel, Hotels Fully Booked for Delegates

Amid fuel scarcity that has gripped the nation’s capital in the past week, it has emerged that top politicians of political parties procured fuel in most petrol stations in Abuja ahead of their primaries.

Many Abuja hotels have also been fully booked on Saturday, including smaller hotels on the outskirts. THISDAY checks showed that some presidential hopefuls paid for fuel in most petrol stations.


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A source told THISDAY that one top politician paid for fuel in eight filling stations for the benefit of his delegates.

“You are seeing long queues everywhere because the politicians involved have purchased fuel in most of the petrol stations,” stated the source. “One popular politician paid for petroleum products in eight filling stations while others are also competing to buy up fuel in other stations to enable the movement of their delegates.”
The source also mentioned that political parties had secured accommodation in various hotels in Abuja for delegates.

“All the hotels in Abuja are fully booked. My boss sent me to secure a hotel which we were initially told was available, but when I got there, we were told another group beat us to it,” revealed the source. “Even in Gwagwalada and other hotels in the outskirts, it is the same thing. They are all booked.”

Another source said, “The same politicians buying up petroleum products as we were told even booked hotel accommodation two weeks ago.”

During political party primaries, most parts of Abuja are flooded with party delegates and their teeming supporters. Some delegates sleep inside party support vehicles and sometimes on the streets.

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