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Bandits Massacre 18 Nigerians In Zamfara As FG Withholds List Of Terror Financiers

    Bandits in Zamfara State are still wreaking havoc despite the ongoing Nigerian military large-scale operation.

    The people of the state are enduring the shutdown of network services the federal government ordered over a month ago.

    The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issued the directive targeted at blocking criminals from communicating and receiving arms and ammunition.

    In the latest attack, at least 18 villagers were murdered by scores of the marauders.

    The bandits invaded Kurya Madaro, a ward in Kaura Namoda Local Government Area, with motorcycles.

    Houses, shops as well as 15 vehicles, including a police patrol van, were set on fire. The victims have been buried.


    Reports gathered that the military is re-strategizing to forestall further successful enemy attacks

    Yet, the Nigerian government is insisting that the names of terror financiers will not be made public.

    In his reaction, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, head of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, dared President Muhammadu Buhari to reveal the names of Boko Haram sponsors.

    “The federal government has told us it is not ready to publicise the names of those funding Boko Haram. We cannot go on like this. Questioning existential threats to humanity is the apostolate that we Priests are called to.

    “We know that this road is dangerous, it is rocky, it is treacherous, it takes lives, but it is all too familiar. The bodies and the emotions of men and women are irretrievably broken.

    “Our people, fleeing their homes after over ten years, have now turned refugee camps into their habitats. Our identity as citizens is being traded for the status of migrants and refugees”, the revered cleric lamented.

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