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#BBNaija Don’t ever be heartless like Boma – Cubana Chief Priest

    Celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has condemned the actions of BBN’s Boma sleeping with a married woman and telling his colleagues that her vajayjay smells like fish asking young people not to be heartless as him.

    Recall video of Boma and Tega allegedly having sex in the house surfaced on the net and another video of Boma telling other housemates that he knacked Tega and her vajayjay smells like fish and netizens berated Tega for sleeping with Boma as a married woman.

    Video below…

    Cubana Chief Priest on the other hand has vehemently condemned the actions of Boma saying knowing perfectly that Tega is a married woman and still going ahead to sleep with her and telling others about it is a grave sin and he will surely pay for the consequences someday.

    According to him, the punishment of knocking a married woman knowingly is deep as he uses King David in the Bible as an example asking how he could comfortably knack a married woman then publicize it and above all humiliate and berate the woman and her husband by saying her vajayjay smells like fish?

    Cubana Chief Priest then advised young people in the world not to be heartless like Boma and avoid married women because sleeping with a married woman knowingly attracts a deep punishment that no one can run away from it.

    How Will You Comfortably F***k A Married Woman, Then Publicize it And Above All Humiliate And Berate The Woman N Her Husband Saying Their Pu**y Smells Like Fish. The Punishment Of F***kin A Married Woman Knowingly Is Deep

    Cubana Chief
    Cubana Chief

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