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#BBNaija Boma – I have learnt my lessons in this House

    BBN Housemate, Boma, revealed that his time in the House has shaped him into a better personality.

    Boma made this revelation during a conversation with fellow Housemates, Nini, Saga, and Yousef.

    This conversation was started after Nini pointed out that she was disappointed when she heard about Boma’s verbal scandal with Angel.

    Nini made it clear that Boma shouldn’t have raised his voice at Angel. According to her, he should have learnt from Angel’s past altercations with Pere and Sammie.

    She said: “I don’t believe you went as far as calling her a mental patient and cursing her family. You should have learnt from her fight with Sammie and Pere”.


    In reaction to Nini’s statement, Boma accepted that he should have handled the situation better.

    He also pointed out that he’s someone who battles with anger issues a lot.

    He reiterated: “Everyone in this life has a problem of their own. For me, I hate when I get angry and that’s the bad side of me.

    That’s why I have always tried to laugh instead of being angry.

    It’s better for him not to say anything than giving a false judgement. Every heard me insult Angel’s family but none of them knows the origin.

    That’s the reason I told Cross that I am highly disappointed in him. He was there when this incident started.

    He said he heard me insult Angel but never heard it when she triggered me. He said he didn’t hear Angel say ‘fuck you’. That’s hypocritical!

    People needs to realise that because someone is laughing doesn’t mean they aren’t going through problems.

    I have learnt my lessons in this House. I think the Show would shape me into a better person”

    Boma’s statement proves that he has accepted to be wrong concerning his feud with fellow Housemate, Angel.

    However, he also thinks Cross is hypocritical with his judgement.

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