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Flinders University New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program in Australia for 2022/2023

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program sent off in 2014, endeavors to lift information in Australia of the Indo-Pacific by supporting Australian students to study and attempt entry level positions in the area.

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program offers around 120 grants yearly to a different partner of Australian students concentrating on various disciplines in up to 40 Indo-Pacific areas.

Understudies embrace seaward projects including study, language preparing, and a temporary job or potentially mentorship for as long as 19 months. The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program has a functioning graduated class local area, supporting past Scholars to share their encounters, help the NCP and keep on creating information on and proficient connections with the Indo Pacific.
The Strategic Objective of the program is to reinforce Australia’s provincial waiting patiently, building a different partner of Australian graduated class with more profound Indo-Pacific information, limit, and associations.

The planned results of the NCP are:

expanded number and variety of Australian college students with Indo-Pacific ability
more significant individuals to-individuals and institutional connections among Australia and the Indo-Pacific area, and
understudies and graduated class associated with pioneers in government, business, and common society in the Indo-Pacific.
The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program Mobility Grant will qualifies the understudy for a subsidized investigation of as long as 19 months, including language preparing, industry temporary job, or potentially mentorships in the Indo-Pacific district.
Qualification for New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program
To be equipped for a New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program, and to stay qualified during their Scholarship program, an up-and-comer must:

be assigned for the NCP Scholarship Program by their home college
be an Australian resident
not be a new resident or extremely durable inhabitant of their proposed have location(s)
be enrolled in and undertaking, until fruition of all study parts of the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program, somewhere around one Bachelor’s Degree or Bachelor Honors Degree at an Australian grounds of an Australian college. (On the off chance that a Scholar finishes up their home degree prerequisites upon the consummation of the obligatory review part of their NCP Scholarship Program, they might apply to DFAT for endorsement to keep on endeavor any leftover component(s) of their NCP Scholarship Program. This will be assessed dependent upon the situation.)

be somewhere in the range of 18 and 30 years old (comprehensive) for non-Indigenous candidates, or somewhere in the range of 18 and 35 years old (comprehensive) for Indigenous candidates, on 1 January 2022
have accomplished a base 70 percent reviewed normal or identical for their college class at the hour of, not entirely set in stone by the selecting home college
not be an earlier beneficiary of a NCP Scholarship, and
not be a representative of the part of DFAT that directs the NCP.
Understudies should keep on gathering these qualification prerequisites during the term of their Scholarship.

Except if generally approved by DFAT, Scholars may not begin another seaward grant or versatility award while undertaking their Scholarship program.

Just researchers designated by their home college can apply for a Scholarship. Understudies keen on applying for a Scholarship ought to contact the NCP Liaison Officer for Scholarships or the global office of their home college.

Every Australian college might name up to ten understudies enrolled at that college without rating them. Every Australian college decides its cycle for choosing candidates however ought to think about the qualification prerequisites and evaluation rules.
Instructions to Apply for New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program
To communicate interest in being named for this New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program contact the Learn Without Borders group.

Colombo Plan Scholarship


For additional requests, visit Flinders University’s site.

Application Deadline: July 19, 2022
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