Folake Abiola: Glo Accountant Drank Sniper, Dies In Lekki [Photos] | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Folake Abiola: Glo Accountant Drank Sniper, Dies In Lekki [Photos]

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    Folake Abiola, Glo accountant has reportedly committed suicide by drinking snipper which led to her sudden death,

    Folake drank snipper insecticide and died, according to a source who shared the story on Whatsapp. She was also said to have been depressed.

    Folake Abiola’s background is unknown, although some of her personal friends described her as a very compassionate person at work and at home.

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    She is a core professional who is said to be committed to her job, but there are also indications that she is not married, has no children, and is not involved in any relationship that her friends are aware of.

    Nigerians need to seek professional help regarding their situation in life as most religious institutions were not designed to tackle mental issues. Most of the Churches preach prosperity and do not bother with issues of the mind as they are not trained for this. People should therefore seek help to discuss the challenging areas of their lives without shame.

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