Governor Yahaya Bello Blasts Chinese Contractors For Shabby Work (Video) | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Governor Yahaya Bello Blasts Chinese Contractors for Shabby Work (Video)

    Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has tongue-lashed a Chinese contractor for doing a substandard project in the state.

    The Chinese contractor is currently renovating a hospital in the State.

    In a video posted online, the Governor was sighted questioning the contractor with anger, saying the work was zero. He lamented that such projects would damage his reputation.

    The Governor, who expressed disappointment in some commissioners handling the project, placed them under pressure to ensure that it is properly reworked before December 2021.


    He said, “Work done is zero, Honorable Commissioner of Work, health, CMD, I am not pleased with what I am seeing here as far as the renovation is concerned.

    “This has shown that you have no capacity. This is not GYB standard. I am a man of quality, and everything I do as far as Kogi State is concerned, in terms of projects, depicts quality and standard.

    “I can’t imagine that this is where I’m spending money. This job is supposed to have been delivered before now, in the first instance, you have delayed. You have breached that particular part of the contract.

    “I am holding you responsible for this, and we are going to take appropriate actions, I give you between now and December this year to go back and do this job properly”.

    Governor Yahaya vowed to clamp down on those who introduced the contractors to the state, claiming that the government had paid for the job.


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