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How Tennis Court Construction Has Grown In Popularity During The Pandemic

    Nearly 18 months ago in the UK it suddenly became extremely difficult for sports enthusiasts to continue enjoying the sport of their choice. Many team sports were cancelled, and not just that but actually banned, as the risk of contracting covid became too great.

    If 30 mins of isolated exercise wasn’t your sport of choice in the first place, you now were forced to do that, or nothing. This had massive repercussions for the UK society as a whole, as both physical and mental health began to suffer in what was already a mentally and physically exhausting time.

    Tennis court
    Tennis court

    After months of isolation it was announced that certain sports would be back on the list of sports you could participate in that were a lesser risk to spreading the virus. One of those sports was tennis. Tennis court construction up until that point had been fairly popular still, but was mostly limited to schools, councils and sports clubs across the country, with the occasional installation for individuals passionate about the sport.

    However, once this pass time was green listed as a sport you could now do with a friend it’s popularity rose exponentially. Not only were schools and clubs having them installed but there became a steep increase in private residents getting in on the action.

    Tennis court

    Tennis court construction and installation quickly became a sought after commodity in the UK as people with an interest in it before found it hard to book onto the now fully booked local tennis courts.

    Up and down the country people seem to have picked up a new love for the sport, if the number of tennis court construction requests are anything to go by, and this is only good news for the country.

    Hopefully, with a nation newly invested in this beautiful game we will begin to see a further rise in the quality of athletes the UK can produce as people of all ages begin to learn and develop their tennis skills on their courts at home.

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