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How To Be More Seductive? 4 Skills For Women

    (Seductive) Every time the temperature drops suddenly, people’s sexual desire increases greatly. After the Valentine’s Day dinner, you must want to seduce your partner, have a sexy bed foreplay, and then go to sleep with his body temperature after intense sex. What a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.

    However, the cold weather, tired work, no mood and so on, always make people lazy to exercise directly to sleep. If you’re willing to put a little effort into it, it’s not hard to seduce him into bed. And he’s a big bonus for you who take the initiative to “want.”.

    In fact, to express your itching, you don’t have to say it directly. You need to know how to be more productive. The following 4 surprise foreplay immediately learn, later can let him in bed sexual desire greatly increased.

    1. How to be more seductive – Wear low cut clothes to seduce

    In fact, everyone has sexual desire, just like hunger has appetite. It’s normal to express your hunger. But if you’re still a shy girl who doesn’t want to or know how to express your sexuality, try sending message. Take a sexy low cut, long leg photo, and add “go home early tonight, wait for your dinner! No matter how late the boy is, he’ll be burning with passion and want to rush home to eat you.

    1. How to be more seductive – Move down from kissing the lips

    When he comes back home, of course, he has to be excited and expectant. He goes forward and hugs tightly, gives a light kiss, and then slowly moves from his lips to the ear beads, or a more passionate French wet kiss, or moves down from his throat, chest, abdominal muscles After that, I don’t need to explain where I want to kiss.

    stock photo seductive girl touching chest going Small
    1. How to be more seductive – Try to slip your hands between his legs

    If he gets home earlier than you, when he’s sitting on the sofa waiting for you, you’ll come up to him sexily, lean up to his chest and say, “do you want to have a Valentine’s Day dinner? “If you are afraid that he will make a mistake, you may as well slip your hand between his legs to make sure that he will harden immediately and pick you up on the bed.

    1. How to be more seductive – The illusion of masseuse

    I once read a questionnaire survey and found that 90% of the boys have massage fantasy, which is that they can’t control themselves suddenly during the massage. As a result, they have a hand-to-hand fight with the masseuse. Let’s try to realize this fantasy for him. Prepare soft aphrodisiac essential oil to help him relax his shoulder muscles, muscles and bones, move down slowly, and then push up slowly from the lower leg. Before moving to the inside of his thigh, he should have had sex.

    At the end of the year, the festive atmosphere of Christmas and new year is getting stronger. While thinking about Christmas gifts, it’s better to think about how to enjoy the Valentine’s Day dinner in bed.

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