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How to Turn Intimacy On or Off

    Have you being avoiding your partner. Is your loved one no longer interested in your physical advances? Then you are not alone. You see, falling in love is the easy part. The key to a successful long term intimate relationship is how you keep that passion flame alive.

    As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 35 years, I helped many clients realize the many ways they were actually pushing away their beloved. Then they understood why their partner avoided their sexual advances. Here are 21 behaviors that can sabotage the love you so much desire.

    Are you doing any of these things that are turning off your partner? Check off the ones you are.

    I am…
    1. Telling my loved one how things will be without their input or agreement.
    2. Always right, and I never say, “I am sorry”.
    3. Expecting my partner to be amorous after an unresolved argument.
    4. Not interested in their feelings.
    5. Being emotionally and/or physically abusive.
    6. Taking my partner for granted.
    7. Micromanaging with a tight budget.
    8. Spending too much money to get back at them.
    9. Making my work and friends more important than them.
    10. Being critical of who they are, what they do, and/or how they look.
    11. Avoiding communicating.
    12. Feeling superior.
    13. Being an insensitive lover.
    14. Making excuses for not spending quality time.
    15. Not hugging or telling them I love them except when I want sex.
    16. Expecting my partner to do all the chores.
    17. Not making any effort to solve problems.
    18. Ignoring them at social events.
    19. Not keeping my agreements.
    20. Spending most of my spare time on the computer and/or social media.
    21. Lying.


    How did you do? Any one of these negative behaviors can cause distance between you and your partner. They are also the reason why your loved one may choose to have an affair. They look to another to receive what they are not getting from you.

    We all want and deserve respect as an equal. Everyone needs to feel loved, important, good enough, appreciated, attractive, and worthy of quality time and attention.

    For couples to heal their relationship, I teach them how to communicate constructively and solve all their problems with win-win solutions. I recommend a weekly date night and a monthly weekend away together to keep their relationship alive.


    I suggest that they take turns planning their social time together and to make it fun and romantic. I help them realize how they may be different and they are both okay. In fact, they balance each other.

    These are ways to turn on your partner, and maintain a long lasting intimate relationship. You can have what you desire, when you learn how. Go for it!

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