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I never panicked during eight years childlessness –Ill Bliss

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    Rapper and actor, Tobechukwu Ejiofor, aka Ill Bliss, says though he and his wife had to wait for eight years after their marriage to have a child, they never lost hope.

    In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “It was just God’s grace. We never panicked. There were times when we were low in spirit for not having kids but we always knew that they would come. The level of faith my wife and I had was divine.

    “We also made sure that we embraced all the children around us— the ones in our family and those of our friends. We celebrated other kids and worked for God in the ways that we could. For now, we have two daughters. The first is five years old while the second is two years old.”

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    On what fatherhood has taught him, he said, “Fatherhood requires a lot of patience, sacrifice and wisdom. As a father, one is supposed to be the ultimate protector of one’s family.”

    The rapper also noted that his days working as a janitor in a centre for children with special needs in the United Kingdom taught him to appreciate children more. He said, “I always go back there when I am in the UK because it makes me remember those kids.

    “Being in their midst made me thankful to God for having children that don’t have psychological, physical or social issues. It taught me to be patient with children and show them love, no matter their challenges.”

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    He also noted that filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba, was the one who convinced him to appear in her acclaimed movie series, King of Boys. He said, “I had always wanted to write films, screenplays, and produce films. However, it was never part of my plans to act. Kemi Adetiba was the one who made it all possible. She encouraged me and other (actors in the movie) to put in our best. Some rappers, who ventured into acting at some points in the career on the global scene also inspired me. I felt it was something I could take a chance at and it paid off.

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