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    Love is that constant attraction we have towards someone. It is also a deep feeling we have for something or someone. Love is that strong, intense, deep and affectionate feeling that can right all wrong in a relationship. It is a feeling in which two people have for each other, it is a mix of emotions, behaviors and beliefs associated with feelings of affection, protection, respect and warmth for one another. It is a choice of commitment of helping and caring for one another that leads into marriage.

    Love makes you 100% happy, when you are in love with one another, it takes you don’t want to come out from, you are in a world where everything feels right. To have a great relationship, you need to have the following for each other:






    Love can play a huge role in our mental health. People who feel loved by others tend to be so much happier feeling unloved can make someone have the feeling of low self esteem and it causes depression. Being loved and loving someone is one of the keys to living a happy life. Having a good relationship and having found the love of your life will give you happiness ultimately. The mark of happiness is that you are sensitive to your surroundings and to the world around you and that you are filled with love and kindness.

    The kind of happiness you feel when you are in love or when you are being loved is infinite, it is never ending. Love is highly attention seeking, it comes with a lot of uncertain questions like “does he/she love me?”, “will he ask me to marry him?”, “what if his family doesn’t like me?”. These uncertain questions that comes with love can make us experience both positive and negative emotion as a result of loving someone. It is a set of emotion and behavior characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment, it involves care closeness, protectiveness, attraction, affection and trust.

    Love is associated with a range of positive emotion including happiness, excitement and life satisfaction. There are different types of love and they are;

    1. Eros: This is the erotic, passionate type of love.
    2. Philia: Love of friends and equals.
    3. Storge: Love of parents for children.
    4. Agape: Love of mankind.
    5. Mania: Love of obsessiveness.
    6. Pragma: Long-lasting love.
    7. Ludus: Playful love.

    Love is more than just being loved or loving someone, love can be when a person is so worried about another person, when a person gets angry because he/she is disappointed on the person he/she loves, when a person doesn’t think about the words coming out of his mouth because love and everything that he/she person has fought for has been hurt. Having mixed feelings can lead to bad stuffs like, being disappointed or being angry, frustrated but it cannot lead to a catastrophe because if a person truly loves someone else that much, then the relationship between them is unbreakable.

    Love is simply a willingness to prioritize another’s well-being or happiness above your own and having an extreme feeling of attachment for one another. Its about having a good communication, completely opening up and sharing your feelings life and activities daily with one another. It is more about being kind, patient, thoughtful, and being able to sacrifice, it is a desire for the soul. Love is never selfish, never boastful, not quick to take offences, it keeps no score of wrongs. It delights in the truth; it makes us have a great chemistry you get lost in each other conversations and then the hours pass like minutes.

    It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define and impossible to live without. It’s not possible for love to work if everything is peace and joy, love must be wounded, disappointed, cursed, hated but still loved.

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