Man Of God Who Preaches Mostly About Wealth And Not Love And Mercy, Then You've Been Tricked Into Adoring The Devil - Uti Nwachukwu | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Man of God who preaches mostly about wealth and not love and mercy, then you’ve been tricked into adoring the devil – Uti Nwachukwu

    This message is not for everyone It is for people that have dared to swallow the Red Pill. Those who are on a daily dose of the Blue pill will reject it, fight it and project their fear by insulting me. I will not be offended cos u know not what u do. One day u shall be free of people especially those who society look down on- Like Jesus Did.

    • Never discriminate,
    • Be non Judgmental
    • leave u feeling Bold, Hopeful Faith filled
    • Not be interested in wealth acquisition- Like Jesus wasn’t, for it’ll be easier for a camel to

    A Man of God that leads you the Almighty God should: – Consistently Preach about Love and Forgiveness, Like Jesus Did. –

    Reveal to you that all things work together for your Good, Including the enemies plans. For God said to pray for our enemies and those who curse u! – Accept all kinds.

    chronically involved in Politics – Threatens/emotionally Blackmails u with Peril in order to get u to give tithes and offerings, – Leaves u feeling fearful &guilty every time u leave their presence, Then sorry to tell u, but you have been tricked into worshipping the Devil in disguise

    A bitter inconvenient truth to accept : If your Man of God – Preaches mostly about prosperity, – Perpetuates hate & intolerance, – Encourages you to pray for your enemies to die, – Judges people based on their appearance (looks, dressing) ,financial/social/born again status, – is chronically


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