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Megatrends Afrika Fellowships in Germany for 2022/2023

    Megatrends Afrika Fellowships: Implications and Options for German and International Policy, new exploration and warning undertaking in coordinated effort between the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin, the German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) in Bonn and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), is granting three associations to post-doctoral analysts from African nations dealing with Africa-related issues (Ph.D. fulfillment in 2017 or later).

    About Megatrends Afrika
    The gathering focuses on the recently distributed ‘Megatrends in Africa Report’ that has perceived 6 megatrends: environmental change, populace development, movement, urbanization, demography cycle, and innovation improvement that Africa is confronting.

    They can set out open doors yet in addition set a few difficulties later on.
    Advantages of Megatrends Afrika Fellowships
    Megatrends Afrika Fellowships will be conceded for a time of up to three (90 days) between September first and December 31st, 2022. Be that as it may, for the term of the cooperation, colleagues are supposed to live in the city of the separate foundation in Berlin, Bonn, or Kiel. Colleagues will get a month to month award of € 2,800 as well as an economy charge return trip between the individual’s place of home and Germany.

    Qualification for Megatrends Afrika Fellowships
    The Megatrends Afrika Fellowships are available to post-doctoral scientists from African nations chipping away at Africa-related issues (Ph.D. finish in 2017 or later). Determination will be founded on the exploration recommendations presented by the up-and-comers. We are specifically intrigued by research proposition on the accompanying subjects
    Clashes, Statehood, and Actors of Violence in Africa:

    The connection between environmental change and additionally asset the board and struggle
    The changing idea of furnished struggle, incl. new advancements and impact tasks; far off fighting and fighting in metropolitan settings; developments in security area help/change
    The meaning of local specially appointed alliances or associations in refereeing
    Megatrends and Political Authority in Africa:


    The association between digitalization, political support, and a majority rules government/dictatorship
    The reshaping of governmental issues through segment change, and youth developments
    The impact of metropolitan and progressively advanced working classes on economies and legislative issues
    The connection between environmental change or relocation and political power
    Outside Actors and their Influence on Politics, Societies, and Economies in Africa

    African perspectives on China’s financial commitment
    Outside entertainers in Africa like India, Russia, Turkey, or the UAE
    Step by step instructions to Apply for Megatrends Afrika Fellowships
    All applications for Megatrends Afrika Fellowships should be submitted as a solitary PDF report and should contain the accompanying records in English:


    An introductory letter (one page);
    A CV incl. a rundown of scholastic distributions; and an example of 2 bits of as of late distributed research papers;
    Duplicates of suitable scholarly records or potentially certificates (no interpretations required);
    A composed idea note containing the portrayal of the up-and-comer’s venture (not to outperform two (2) pages or 1000 words);
    This thought note should include:
    A conversation of the venture/research subject, pertinent undertaking targets, and a clarification of the scholar and strategy pertinence of the task;
    An outline of the hypothetical and systemic procedures the individual tries to apply.

    For more data, click here.

    The Application Deadline for the Scholarship is June 22, 2022
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