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MI Abaga, celebrates his 40th birthday (Photos)

    Popular Nigerian rapper, Jude MI Abaga, turns a new age today and he’s taken to his social media page to gracefully mark the milestone.

    The rapper MI Abaga has officially Joined the 40+ age group and he wrote that he’s about to begin life.

    Today I cross a personally joyful milestone: From henceforth, (the adages promise) life will begin.

    Without knowing it, that was my recent process to arrive here at this moment today. Shedding the old, and making way for the new.

    I’m grateful for the walk here. I look around, locking eyes with all you who have refused to leave, adamant that I am worth the ride.

    And you are not wrong; but I am worth it because of you. If, for the road ahead, I can count on you.. then my friends… let us forge ahead!! Bring it on.. let life begin!!! 


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