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Monday sit-at-home, Onitsha recorded total compliance (Photos)

    Residents of the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state appeared to be getting more acclimatized with the weekly Mondays sit-at-home exercise as they now engage themselves in a celebration mood throughout the day, thereby keeping themselves happy and at the same time turn their minds away from idleness, worries and dizziness which may arise from not carrying out their normal businesses for the day.


     Onitsha markets, banks and other commercial activities were grounded to a halt yesterday as vehicular movements were equally withdrawn from the roads, except few tricycles which plied within short distances outside the major roads.


    To engage themselves fully in their new found  celebration mood for the day, the residents usually contribute money and kill cow or goats, buy assorted types of drinks and cook any food of their choice to keep themselves busy in a celebration mood all through the day.


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