Nigerian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Singer, Johnny Drille’s Album Listening Event (Video) | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend at Singer, Johnny Drille’s Album Listening event (Video)

    A Nigerian man has given his girlfriend a warm surprise by proposing at the Album Listening event of singer, Johnny Drille.

    In a video which has gone viral, a crowd of fans could be seen gathered in a cinema, which was the venue for the Listening of his debut album; Before We Fall Asleep.

    Johnny took the microphone and made an announcement before the event began proper. He left fans wondering what he had planned when he called out a male fan and told him to do the deed.

    She was pleasantly surprised as she stood up from her seat and gave him a hug. She said Yes to his proposal and showed off her ring as Johnny Drille performed lovely songs.

    The crowd cheered on throughout the entire romantic process.

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