Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Church Arrives Event In Limousine Car Worth Millions Of Naira. (Photos) | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life Church Arrives Event in Limousine Car Worth Millions of Naira. (Photos)

    Kumuyi was accompanied by his wife and were received by church officials as they alighted from the platinum limousine.

    The founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, William Folorunso Kumuyi has left tongues wagging on social media after he was caught cruising on an expensive limousine worth millons of naira.


    He stormed Abuja in the expensive ride for a church crusade.

    Kumuyi who was accompanied by his wife were received by church officials as they alighted from the limousine.

    It is said that the program tagged Divine Solution is a crusade.

    The car choice didn’t sit well with some folks as they thought it is a departure from the modest lifestyle the preacher is known for and teaches.

    Reacting to the ride type, a Facebook user identified as Ify Onyegbule wrote: “Pa Kumuyi in Abuja? A lot has changed o! “I hope the congregation is moving with the times o!”

    Jasper Steve Jones opined: “The same Kumuyi who abused his flocks in the 80s telling them Television was a devil equipment and I saw vulnerable followers throwing away their TVs. Nigerian Pastors are jibi jibi set of people criminals pawning on its poor members. Make una shine una eyes!”

    Adediran K Daniel Livingstone stated: “So Pastor WF Kumuyi taught people to hate , detest and Loathe a good lifestyle if they can afford it legitimately??? “It’s apt that we all just tend to draw misconceptions and make them seem like it’s true.”

    Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa said: “Wow.. What an achievement indeed with a country with over 10million children out of school, thousands of children dying everyday because they can access healthcare etc. Anyway, what we all ignore today will consume us tomorrow. Including the so call General overseers. On that day all Mirable powers will fail because they have failed God and the people.”

    Olatunji Shobande remarked: “The only permanent thing in this transient life is change. Positive or negative. That constant K is always there. 30 years ago, you couldn’t have seen this coming, but that constant K is a bi*tch.”

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