Video:Policeman In Enugu Uses A Female Student As Punching Bag For Talking Back At Him .. | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Video:Policeman in enugu uses a female student as punching bag for talking back at him ..

    Enugu policeman at agbani uses a female student as a punching bag for talking back to him close to ESUT .

    According to report, the girl is a student of ESUT in Agbani Enugu state Nigeria was said to be inside keke (tricycle) when the policeman stopped her driver trying to extort the rider .

    The student dived into the situation asking the keke rider not to give policeman any bribe .

    From the reporter ” she stood her ground and talked back at the Policeman ” . Responding to the vocal jabs from the student , the Policeman resorted to giving her several punch jabs and slaps until she was eventually rescued by bystanders .

    ESUT students are complaining seriously about the policemen at this checkpoint , accurizing them to extorting innocent students and beating up those that refuse to be extorted .

    The story was shared on #CoalCityConnect social media handle

    Watch below :


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