Shocking As Plane Bursts Into Flames After Making 'Loud Bang' On Botched Landing At Airport (Photo) | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Shocking As Plane Bursts Into Flames After Making ‘Loud Bang’ On Botched Landing At Airport (Photo)

    In what will come across as a really startling development, a Boeing 747’s engine burst into flames in dramatic scenes in the UK.

    The plane burst into flames after an apparent botched landing at East Midlands Airport last night.

    No one is believed to have been injured on the jumbo-jet cargo carrier, which arrived from Leipzig in Germany and lit up the evening sky with orange flames.

    The aircraft could be seen bursting into fire with a “bang” on the runway.

    In a Airshow World video, the right hand side of the plane could be seen in orange flames as the aircraft touched down on the tarmac.

    One witness said that the freight plane‘s engine “ingested something” as it hit the ground.


    Along with the flames, there was also a loud bang, according to the witness.

    Some people on social media have speculated that it may have been a bird that got caught in the engine as the plane hit the runway.


    Source: The Sun UK

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