“Tuberculosis And HIV Vanished” – Man Narrates Miraculous Recovery Of His Sister Who Returned Home Six Years After She Disappeared  | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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“Tuberculosis and HIV vanished” – Man narrates miraculous recovery of his sister who returned home six years after she disappeared 

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A Nigerian man, Soltune, has taken to Twitter to narrate how his sister miraculously recovered from Tuberculosis and HIV.

He disclosed that his sister went missing six years ago and didn’t return home until last year when she was dropped off by some people in a frail condition and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and HIV.

Soltune, a Christian, said he called some of his friends to pray in ‘tongues’ over his sister because he didn’t want to lose her as he lost his father and elder sister.

According to him, his sister would listen to the ‘tongues’ every morning and she gradually started getting better.

One fateful day when she was taken to the hospital for a routine medical check-up, doctors were surprised to see that she was free of both Tuberculosis and HIV.


Read his full post below,

“In this testimony, I am going straight to the point, no too much story. Six years ago my sister (Love) woke up one morning and left the house just like that. Within those years, i lost my dad and immediate elder sister, it was tough for my mom and my siblings, very tough but we kept praying and believing GOD,” he narrated.

“Fast forward, a week after my wedding last year, gbas gbos from left, right and center; the devil came hard this time then i got a message from my eldest sister saying, “some people came to drop off my sister like this, the picture on the left

“I didn’t cry cause there wasn’t any space for weakness anymore; i just realized i can’t let this one slide. I remember during one of my prayer sections at night, I kept shouting “devil you won’t take this one”

“I called some of my friends, sent her picture to them and asked them to send me voice notes of them speaking in tongues as they were led to pray!!! They all did, I edited and put all the rakabah-legehbo-shatayeh together then sent it to my sister and asked her to please put it on repeat in her ears so it could keep playing every morning.

“Weeks later, she started walking and talking then, my eldest sister called me one morning and said “when we got to the hospital, after normal check up, the doctor said, the Tuberculosis have disappeared and it’s not suppose to be so, also, the HIV vanished” Haaa!!!”

“Only GOD can do this things. The picture on the right was taken today today!!! If you’re reading this, trust me as i say this; God is real, trust him with your life, trust him till the very last minute, let your faith do the talking because NA GOD DEY RUN THE MATTER!”

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