Video :Bride Angrily Pushes Her Groom As He Tries Kissing Her During Their Wedding | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Video :Bride angrily pushes her groom as he tries kissing her during their wedding

    A bride has been captured on tape refusing to kiss her husband as they did their white wedding in church.

    They were exchanging vows and it got to the part for the groom to kiss his bride. But as he leaned in for a kiss, the woman removed her face and prevented him from doing so.


    In a video circulating online, he tried harder to get the kiss and just as his lips touched hers, she hurriedly pushed him away while frowning.

    Reacting, @honilatte_ asked; is it an arranged marriage??

    @Dennisumukoro1; These are the little signs people fail to see at the early stage. On our presumed happy day, I won kiss u, which is a norm, u dey push me. Hmmm

    @hitler_idiamin; Buckle up man, it’s gonna be a long ride. At least two of his future kids might not be his

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