Video-Pastor Who Allegedly Uses Jazz To Defraud Students Nabbed While Asking 100-level Students To Sow N20k Seed | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Video-Pastor who allegedly uses jazz to defraud students nabbed while asking 100-level students to sow N20k seed

    An alleged pastor who is said to have defrauded some students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly known as Anambra State University, has been exposed during a fresh operation.

    He reportedly went to the institution to preach to 100-level students for over an hour and told them to bring out their ATM cards for prayers.

    The alleged pastor who could be seen in suit, asked them to sow a N20k seed so that they won’t fail any exam in school.

    pastor pic

    A student who recorded the incident, said the man claimed he’s a medical doctor and he didn’t have a single carryover while in school.

    He also allegedly said he’s financially stable as he has gifted 3 persons luxurious cars.

    His claims were disputed when 300-level students that he had allegedly scammed saw him in the class and warned the 100 level students never to part with their money.

    According to the 300 level students, he’s a scammer and has used ‘juju’ to hypnotize and defraud students in the past.

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