Young Girl Surprises Her Boyfriend With Large Money Cake, Sneakers, Designer Clothes On His Birthday (Video) | Lifestyle ,Gossip & Entertainment
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Young girl surprises her boyfriend with large money cake, sneakers, designer clothes on his birthday (Video)

    A Nigerian girl has taken her boyfriend by surprise by buying him loads of gifts and organizing a special party to celebrate his birthday.


    In a video shared on Instagram by Tunde Ednut, the young boy was being led into a room which had already been beautifully designed, and had his girlfriend waiting for him with other friends.


    The moment he realized what had been done for him, his face lit up. His girlfriend swiftly ran to him sprayed some naira noted on him and gave her boyfriend a big hug.

    The young man then proceeded to open the boxes of gifts which contained sneakers, iPhone pouch, designer clothes, towel and a frame with his picture.

    Just when he thought it was all over, they told him to burst some balloons which had money inside, and moments later a large money cake was brought in, which he received with a huge smile on his face.


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